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There is a lot to consider when planning for the cost of a bone marrow or cord blood transplant.  By planning now, you can be better prepared to understand what insurance will cover and what you may have to pay.

You aren’t alone. Talking about money matters can feel like a very personal topic, but our confidential one-on-one support is available to help you. Be The Match® can help you learn more about transplant costs, insurance coverage, and financial resources. Contact us at 1 (888) 999-6743 or The resource Mapping the Maze: Financial planning before transplant can also help you learn more about planning for transplant costs.

Insurance and transplant coverage: finding your way

If transplant is a treatment option for you, there is help available to learn about your insurance coverage. Once you are referred to a transplant center, a financial coordinator will talk with your insurance company and arrange for payment. Your insurance company and your transplant center financial coordinator can help you understand your benefit plan.

Learn more about insurance and transplant coverage, and find financial planning tools and resources.

Financial assistance for transplant patients


Even if you are insured, some transplant costs may not be paid for by your insurance, such as deductibles, co-payments, and housing costs. Financial help for some transplant costs may be available. Your transplant center social worker can talk with you about your financial concerns and help you apply for patient assistance grants through Be The Match or other financial aid programs.

If you have no insurance, you may be eligible for state or county programs, or other forms of financial aid. 

Find more financial assistance resources for transplant patients.

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