Power of Yes

Sept. 16 is World Marrow Donor Day. Thank you for saying “Yes” to saving lives.

When you joined the NMDP Registry, donated blood stem cells or raised money to support the mission, something inspired you. Now is your chance to inspire someone else. Share why you said “Yes” on social media by downloading one of these images and using #WMDD2023.

Inspired to make a life-saving impact

Our donors are part of a unique, global community and have incredible stories to tell. Find out who these life-saving heroes are and what it means to donate blood stem cells for patients whose lives depend on it.


A Reddit post from a transplant recipient inspired De’mond to become a donor

While a junior in college, De’mond was compelled to join the NMDP Registry after reading a post online that shared a link to join the donor registry. Three years later as a medical student, De’mond went from learning how to save lives to donating blood stem cells to save the life of a patient in need.


A match 18 years in the making

Marjorie joined the registry in high school—2005 to be exact. So, when she began to get letters from NMDP in late 2022, she was surprised and a bit skeptical about becoming a blood stem cell donor. After encouragement from her partner, Marjorie went on to donate and she describes her experience as amazing and humbling.

Celebrate the stories behind donation

Everyone’s journey is different—but blood stem cell donation can give patients more time to spend doing the things they love, a new meaning to life and hope to thousands waiting on a cure. All possible thanks to donors like you. 

NMDP is a proud sponsor of World Marrow Donor Day

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About NMDP

NMDP is a global leader working every day to save lives through cell therapy. For people with life-threatening blood cancers—like leukemia and lymphoma—or other blood disorders like sickle cell, a cure exists. NMDP connects patients with a matching donor for a life-saving blood stem cell transplant. The NMDP Registry is the most diverse registry in the world and includes both adult donors willing to donate to a stranger in need and stored cord blood units. In addition, NMDP provides patients and their families one-on-one support, education, and guidance before, during and after transplant. NMDP is also a global leader in research through the CIBMTR® (Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research®)—a collaboration with Medical College of Wisconsin, investing in and managing research studies that improve patient outcomes and advance the future of care.