Be The Match Survivorship Program

Be The Match® Survivorship provides free support and services to patients, caregivers, and providers after a blood or marrow transplant (BMT).

What is survivorship?

Survivorship is inclusive of a person’s physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health after a significant life event such transplant. Survivorship begins at the moment of diagnosis and continues through end of life.

Each person’s survivorship journey is unique. Our Survivorship team at Be The Match® wants to support you in your journey to encourage a good quality of life and overall well-being. Our goal is to help patients thrive in their survivorship journey.

BTM Survivorship

Our Survivorship Team Will

  • Listen closely to your experiences and answer questions to the best of our abilities
  • Connect you to resources and educational materials specific to your needs
  • Offer telehealth appointments with our medical staff
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Transplant Care Guides

Our 6 month and 12+ month post-transplant care guides outline recommended screenings and tests. These guides are intended to help you prepare for your upcoming appointment(s) and provide a space for you to organize thoughts, concerns, or questions for your provider.

Our Long-Term Survival Guidelines provide recommended post-transplant care for your provider’s reference.

What happens after I reach out?

Our patient coordinator will contact you to inquire about your transplant journey. They will review our free resources from the Be The Match Patient Support Center and can schedule you a telehealth appointment with our medical staff. During that visit our staff will answer questions, review Post- Transplant Care Guides, and discuss any concerns you have.

Additionally, our team can provide access to

Connect with Be The Match Survivorship:

CALL: 1-866-301-4650
EMAIL: survivorship@nmdp.org

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