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Labcorp is partnering with Be The Match to increase the number of blood cancer patients matched to their life-saving donor.

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For more than 25 years, Labcorp has worked with Be The Match by providing testing services to support blood stem cell donations.
In 2018, Labcorp and Be The Match partnered together and launched a joint donor recruitment effort at select Labcorp patient service centers across 45 states. By spreading the word about Be The Match to their patients and how potential donors can join the Be The Match Registry®, Labcorp is helping save lives.
In 2019, Labcorp received the Democratized Cell Therapy Award. Watch the video to learn more.

Mother Inspires Her Daughter to Make a Difference

While getting lab work done at Labcorp, Nina’s mom saw information about Be The Match. After hearing about its life-saving mission, Nina joined the registry as a birthday gift to her mom. In February 2023, Nina received a call that she was a potential match for a patient in need. To prep for the blood stem cell donation, Nina had weekly bloodwork appointments—one of which was at Labcorp. Fast forward to the big day, Nina recalls feeling great after donation—no soreness, fatigue, no bruising from the needle. "The feeling of being able to help someone that you have no connection to is very fulfilling," said Nina.

Nina, Be The Match donor

You Could Be The Cure

Alfredo has been sick since he was one week old. In and out of the hospital without many answers for over 3 years, Alfredo was not growing at the same rate of a healthy toddler. Finally, his doctors were able to diagnose him with a very rare disease called IL 10 Receptor Deficiency, with a stem cell transplant being the only cure. Like all Hispanic patients searching on the Be The Match registry, Alfredo only has a 46% chance of finding a match.

Alfredo searching patient open arms
Alfredo, searching patient

Save A Life

8-year-old Hahnah, daughter of a Labcorp Health and Genetics Specialist, was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia at birth. Years of pain crisis’ followed until her older brother was a 100% match for her bone marrow transplant. One year post-transplant and Hahnah is thriving in every way. She is a bright student with a playful nature. Thanks to her bone marrow transplant, Hahnah will now lead a full, healthy life, free from Sickle Cell

Hahnah, transplant recipient
Hahnah, transplant recipient

Labcorp Employee Gives the Gift of Life

Meet Dario
In 2007, Dario was a 3rd year medical school student. After experiencing extreme fatigue, he was diagnosed with a form of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and his search for a bone marrow match began.

Enter Cathy
Cathy is a Regional Operations Manager who has been working at Labcorp since 1992. In March 2008, she was called to donate peripheral blood stem cells.

On year later
A year after matching through the registry, Cathy and Dario met for the first time and have remained close ever since. Cathy and Dario will be joined for the rest of their lives. They do not consider themselves donor and recipient. They call themselves family.

Cathy Landing page
Dario, transplant recipient (left) and Cathy, Be The Match donor (right)
Odds of finding a match based on ethnic background. Black or African American 29%. Asian or Pacific Islander 47%. Hispanic or Latino 48%. Native American 60%. White 79%.

*Patients are most likely to match an adult donor of their own ethnic background.

Thank you Optum for joining forces in saving lives!