The power of possibility

Together, the possibilities are endless.

NMDP℠ celebrates Black History Month by honoring the accomplishments of Black people, uplifting Black stories and committing to Black wellness. NMDP recognizes the progress that is necessary and continues to work to ensure every patient can receive the life-saving blood stem cell transplant they need. You can be a changemaker and impact the future of Black and African American patients. Make history today so patients can make history tomorrow.

Young black male completing swab kit.

The power in becoming a lifesaver

Sign up to be on the NMDP Registry® during Black History Month, complete your swab kit and return it to NMDP. You could be someone’s only chance at a cure.

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The power in numbers

Since 2020, there has been an increase in Black and African Americans joining the NMDP Registry helping increase the chances from 23% to 29% that a Black and African American patient will find a match.

This change means more Black lives will be saved.

Already on the registry?

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The power in finding a cure

For sickle cell warriors Christina, Genesis and Rhiannon, finding a match created endless possibilities. There is a cure for sickle cell and blood cancers like leukemia—a blood stem cell donation from a matching donor, one who frequently shares the patient’s ethnic background. As more patients gain access to cellular therapy, more and more donors are needed.

Use your power to help save lives.

More ways to make a difference

Give a gift

Fundraise or give a gift to help add donors to the registry, help patients with uninsured costs and fund life-saving research.

Support legislative efforts

Advocacy is critically important to protect and expand coverage for patients needing a life-saving stem cell transplant.