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Adult donors and patients

In most cases, adult donors and patients may have anonymous contact during the first year after transplant. This includes sending cards, letters, and gifts without revealing your identities. Over time, donors and patients may want to make direct contact with each other. In most cases, this is possible if both the donor and patient consent to have their personal contact information shared. However, there is a required waiting period of 1 or more years and both the donor and patient must consent to being contacted. See real patients meet their donors for the first time.

Cord blood donors and patients

Cord blood donors and patients cannot meet due to consent and confidentiality restrictions. The public cord blood bank keeps the mother’s name confidential, and they protect the privacy of the family. Names are not shared with any patient or transplant center. The cord blood unit is identified only by number on the Be The Match Registry.


Patient and donor safety is our top priority. It’s why we have rules and guidelines in place to protect the rights and privacy of donors and patients. In fact, by U.S. law and federal contract, we are required to have a system to keep patient and donor information confidential.