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Donating blood stem cells can be an emotional experience--one that may not be understood by those who haven’t been through it. Donor forums provide an opportunity to discuss challenges and insights with others who have been through the donation process. Connecting with other donors may help you learn practical tips, reduce stress and give you the opportunity to share your unique experiences of being a Be The Match® donor. All Donor Advocacy forums facilitated by our Donor Services Social Worker are free.

Donors at any stage of donation are encouraged to participate -- those who have donated, as well as those in the process to donate.

Our forums are a safe, confidential place for potential, current and past donors to share knowledge and support one another. This is an open group, but please register with the link below or call 1-800-526-7809 x 8710 to register, noting your name, email and the date you would like to attend. We will email the phone number to call in to the meeting. See below for a schedule of upcoming discussions:

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60 days and counting: Waiting to hear about donation day

You’ve been contacted as a possible match, done your lab work, and now you wait. How do you cope with the unknowns, and worries about how your patient is doing?

Monday, March 2 at 10am CST
Tuesday, March 3 at 12pm CST
Wednesday, March 4 at 4pm CST

Coping with the loss of your recipient

As a donor you’ve experienced something most people never will, you’ve provided another person with hope for a second chance at life. If your recipient passes away, it is not unusual to experience grief, whether you have met your recipient or have never had contact. Join us to share your story and receive support from other donors who understand the unique experience.

Monday, March 16 at 10am CST
Tuesday, March 17 at 12pm CST
Wednesday, March 18 at 4pm CST

Communicating with your recipient: What do you say?

You’ve completed the donation process and would like to correspond, but what do you say to the person who may still be fighting for their life? Discuss your thoughts and feelings about what to share with your recipient.

Monday, March 30 at 10am CST
Wednesday, April 1 at 4pm CST

Making meaning of your donation experience

Donating blood stem cells can be a life-changing experience, but many never have the opportunity to connect directly with their recipient or even with other donors. We’ll discuss ways you can honor your experience, pay tribute to your recipient and connect with other donors.

Monday, April 13th at 10am CST
Wednesday, April 15th at 4pm CST

*Topics are subject to change without notice
Please email us at or call 1-800-526-7809 x 8710 with any questions