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For more information on dates and times, or to find out about current groups, please contact the Patient Support Center at or 1 (888) 999-6743.

Support Groups

Support groups are safe spaces to share your fears and frustrations without feeling judged or misunderstood. It can also be a place for other patients, caregivers and parents to share what they’ve learned, suggest creative solutions to common problems and provide emotional support. Participants in a support group may understand what you’re experiencing in ways that other people might not.

Be The Match Telephone Support Groups

The Be The Match Patient Support Center offers the following support groups:

  • Monthly telephone-based support groups for BMT survivors. Each month, a transplant recovery topic is highlighted for discussion. Groups are offered 4 times each month.

  • Telephone-based support groups for BMT caregivers. 

Choosing a support group

 Ask yourself:
    • Do I enjoy being part of a group?
    • Am I ready to talk about my feelings?
    • Do I want to hear other people’s stories and advice?
    • Would it make me feel better to offer support to other patients, caregivers or parents?

 Ask a group leader:
    • How many people attend?
    • Is it just for patients, caregivers or parents?
    • Are others welcome?
    • How often does the group meet?
    • What is a typical meeting like?

Looking for something local?

 Ask your transplant center social worker for help finding an in-person support group near you. Or, contact the Be The Match Patient Support Center at or 1 (888) 999-6743 for help finding resources in your area.

Telephone workshops

Join us for free, live telephone education workshops. Learn about topics such as:
    • Blood and marrow transplant basics
    • How a doctor searches for a donor
    • Self-care for caregivers

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