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Community called to action

Diverse in culture, food, geography, heritage and language, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders all embrace a sense of community, the Eastern philosophy of “We” above “Me.” Be The Match® has a goal to ensure cellular therapy is available to everyone, including Asian Americans, who currently only have a 41% chance of having a match on the Be The Match Registry®.

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Because ethnicity is a determining factor in finding a match and marrow types could be traced to their geographic origin, patients will most likely find a donor within their racial and ethnic community. Diversifying the registry will improve the chances of patients finding matches.


Ruko, marrow donor

Join donors like Ruko and help change the odds

We celebrate and thank Asian American and Pacific Islanders like Ruko, who donated life-saving cells to patient Jerry in 2012. Jerry was only 3 years old—the same age as Ruko’s own son at the time—and she knew she would want a stranger to step up and donate if the roles were reversed.

Your healthy blood stem cells can be a cure for someone with blood cancer or other deadly disease. A blood stem cell transplant works by replacing the patient’s diseased blood stem cells with healthy cells from a genetically matched donor. The transplant replaces the patient’s entire blood and immune system.

Ruko donated marrow in July of 2012. She felt very supported and comfortable with the doctors doing the procedure. Her recovery was super easy, she describes it as having a bruise on her lower back for about a week.

Jack, recipient and his parents

Jack, recipient and his parents

Support for you and your family

The news of a blood cancer or blood disease diagnosis can be overwhelming and patients and family members may need help navigating the health and social service systems. The Be The Match Patient Support Center provides support, information and resources for transplant patients, caregivers and families. Get connected to our support services.

Empower and inspire

For many patients with blood cancers or other blood related diseases, a blood stem cell or marrow transplant is their only treatment option and last hope. We share stories of searching patients and incredible donors and advocates and their resilience and generosity. Amazing stories.