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University of Virginia Medical Center

Stem Cell Transplant Program
PO Box 800334
Charlottesville, VA 22908-0334

Number of Transplants Performed

For detailed information on this center's transplant program (including program description, attending physicians, types of patients treated, cell sources used), please contact the center directly.

Transplants Reported (From Jan. 2012 to Dec. 2013 as reported by the centers)       Unrelated or Related Donor Auto-

(PBSC or marrow)
Total (by transplant type)
Marrow PBSC Cord
Unrelated Donor
- Adult
0 0 20 --- 20
Unrelated Donor
- Pediatric
0 0 0 --- 0
Related Donor
- Adult
0 9 0 --- 9
Related Donor
- Pediatric
0 0 0 --- 0
- Adult
--- --- --- 43 43
- Pediatric
--- --- --- 0 0
(by cell source)
0 9 20 43 72

To find centers that perform cord blood transplants, use the Search Tool on this site.

Patient Survival Information for this Center

Univerisity of Virginia Health System

This center's actual 1-year survival results are similar to the expected rate for this center.

The survival information we have for this center includes ONLY:

  1. Patients who had their FIRST ALLOGENEIC transplant (cells from a related or unrelated donor/cord blood) during 2010, 2011 and 2012, and
  2. Who had their transplant at a U.S. transplant center, and
  3. Who had follow-up information provided by the transplant center for analysis

For this center, we have survival information for 19 patients.

The actual 1-year survival of these patients is 52.1%.

Compared to similar patients transplanted at all centers in the U.S., we expect that the 1-year survival for patients at this center to be in a range between 36.2% and 78.7%.

For help with understanding these statistics, please see Understanding Transplant Outcomes (PDF).

Program Description:

This information is currently unavailable.

Contact Information:

If you have transplant-related questions, please contact Diana Rexrode, transplant center coordinator, at (434) 243-9674 or by e-mail at

Program Type:

This information is currently unavailable.

Attending Physicians:

(Medical Doctors)

Adult -

Amer Beitinjaneh, Tamila Kindwall-Keller, Thomas Loughran, Leonid Volodin

Transplants Performed:

This information is currently unavailable.

Cord blood transplants performed on:

This information is currently unavailable.

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Estimated Search & Transplant Costs

The costs for a transplant vary greatly from center to center and depend on factors such as health insurance, disease type and disease stage of the patient, as well as center-specific billing policies. Examples of costs in the search and transplant include:

  • The amount and geographic location of donors tested
  • Testing needed to confirm a match
  • Processing and collecting of tissue-typing samples
  • Donor workup testing needed
  • Getting the marrow, PBSC or cord blood unit for transplant

For the best understanding of costs of transplant and follow-up for a specific transplant center, contact the center's Financial Representative.

help Explain Transplant Costs at Different Centers

Resources for financial information

If you have questions about costs and financial services at this transplant center, you can contact the center's financial representative

Financial services at this center could include:

  • Health insurance information
  • Financial assistance
  • Patient-related resources

Additional Information

Further information about this center, including the number and type of transplants performed in each of the last three years, and the support groups offered, may be found in the BMT InfoNet Transplant Center Directory:

BMT InfoNet (Blood & Marrow Transplant Information Network) is a nonprofit organization that provides information and emotional support to transplant patients and their families.