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Cleveland Clinic Foundation


Cleveland Clinic Foundation
9500 Euclid Avenue, R32
Cleveland, OH 44195-0001
Direct phone: (216) 445-5600
Toll-free: (800) 223-2273 X55600

Total transplants by cell source

  • Marrow: 49
  • PBSC: 81
  • Cord Blood: 21
  • Autologous (PBSC or Marrow): 226
Performs adult; pediatric transplants


The Blood & Marrow Transplant Program at The Cleveland Clinic offers a dedicated 22-bed Adult BMT unit and 4 beds dedicated to Pediatric BMT in the PICU. Our BMT Program performs myeloablative and reduced intensity transplants, single and multiple cord transplants, mismatched and haploid transplants for malignant and non-malignant diseases.

This center has been performing allogeneic transplants since 1977 and has been an NMDP transplant center since December 1988.

Attending physicians

Adult - Steven Andresen, Robert Dean, Hien Duong, Aaron Gerds, Betty Ky Hamilton, Brian Hill, Deepa Jagadeesh, Matt Kalaycio, Navneet Majhail, Brad Pohlman, Ronald Sobecks

Pediatric - Aron Flagg, Rabi Hanna

Transplants performed

Marrow/PBSC, single cord, and double cord

Cord blood transplants performed on

Adult and pediatric