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Northside Hospital


Northside Hospital
The Tower at Northside
5670 Peachtree Dunwoody Road
Suite 1030
Atlanta, GA 30342-1611
Direct phone: (404) 255-1930

Total transplants by cell source

From January 1, 2012 to December 31st, 2013
  • Marrow: 50
  • PBSC: 108
  • Cord Blood: 1
  • Autologous (PBSC or Marrow): 215
Performs adult transplants


The Blood and Marrow Transplant Program at Northside Hospital is one of the largest clinical transplant programs in the Southeast, serving patients undergoing stem cell transplant therapy and providing leukemia management. This program has achieved the National Center of Excellence designation.

This center has been performing allogeneic transplants since 1998 and has been an NMDP transplant center since February 2000.

Attending physicians

Adult - Asad Bashey, H. Kent Holland, Lawrence E. Morris, Melhem Sohl, Scott R. Solomon

Transplants performed

Marrow/PBSC, single cord, and double cord

Cord blood transplants performed on

Adult only