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Contact your local legislators and representatives

Enter your zip code into the Find Your Elected Officials tool to find out who represents your district and their contact information. Then use these resources to help advocate on behalf of Be The Match:

  • Letter to your Legislator - Donor Request (DOC) and Recipient Request (DOC): Personal letters are an effective way to introduce an important topic to lawmakers. Be The Match’s template letters also are a way to secure a meeting so you can share your story in-person. Including your personal story in the most effective way to personalize the template before you send the letter to your representative.
  • Call Script (PDF): After you’ve sent your personalized letter, follow-up with a call.  A sample phone script will help guide your phone conversation. Ultimately, you’ll want to share your story in-person. If your local representative or a member of their staff is available, schedule a meeting and invite a Be The Match Community Engagement Representative to attend. The Community Engagement Representative will be able to add additional perspective to your meeting.
  • In-person Meeting Outline (PDF): The following meeting outline will help you stay on track during your meeting. It contains tips to help the meeting go smoothly and key points to convey during your conversation.
  • Social Media (PDF): Many elected officials also connect with their constituents using social media. Follow your legislators and respond to their messages to build connections. You can use the following social media message templates to help inform lawmakers about Be The Match’s life-saving mission.
  • Letters to the Editor (DOC) : Be The Match advocates can get involved by sending tailored versions of the following letters-to-the-editor to their local media. To submit your letter, visit your local newspaper’s website. Then search for a “contact us” page, which should contain the publication’s preferred email address.
  • Find your elected officials

Questions about joining our legislative advocacy efforts?

If you have any questions about ways to help inspire the continued congressional support for Be The Match, please contact a member of our advocacy team at