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Before you leave the hospital, you and your family will need to plan for your care and prepare the place where you will stay (whether it is your home or housing near your transplant center). When you return home after transplant, you enter a new stage of your recovery process. It's important you have a safe and healthy place to heal. Reduce contact with dust, dirt, mold and germs to help you stay infection-free.

Living now issue one
You may also find it helpful to access Returning home: A new beginning for more helpful tips on how to prepare your home.

Ask your doctor about steps to take to prepare your home. Your family or friends may need to:

  • Clean your house: remove all mold and dust thoroughly
  • Change air conditioning and furnace filters
  • Turn off humidifiers
  • Keep windows and doors closed
  • Remove any fresh or dried flowers and plants
  • Complete or stop any remodeling or renovations
  • Ask family, friends and visitors to wash their hands when they come into your home

Your transplant center will provide you with detailed information and steps to take to prepare your home based on your particular situation.

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