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What will life be like after a transplant? Hear patients talk about their life after transplant and learn from these voices of experience.  

"Transplant is doable, but not easy. This is more of a marathon than a sprint. Your life will be affected forever in both positive and negative ways. Surround yourself with true friends and have a strong caregiver who will be your advocate as well. Focus on the things you can do instead of your limitations."

—Evelyn, transplant recipient

Your life after transplant will present new challenges and triumphs. You may need to adjust in many ways. Some patients and caregivers call life after transplant their “new normal.” Your transplant health care team and Be The Match® will be there to guide you and offer you support and resources after your transplant.

Explore the pages below for help adjusting to life after transplant.

Emotional health

Access information on common feelings and resources on how to get help. 

Physical health

Get suggestions on how to build up your physical strength

Returning to work

Learn about returning to work and find tips to do so effectively.

Managing ongoing medical bills

Find resources to help manage your medical expenses

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