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Talking with loved ones and establishing a support network ahead of time will make it easier to get things done while you’re away for treatment. You can organize information at home to make things easier for family and friends who want to help. That way you can focus on getting better during your transplant and worry less about what needs to be done at home.

Tips for planning ahead

Early planning can help you to not only stay focused on getting better during your transplant, but also worry less about what needs to be done at home.

Super Sam Flying

View Super Sam Versus the Marrow Monsters to help explain help explain the transplant process to your children.

To-do list:

  • Make a phone list of important numbers for the entire family to have. Include names and numbers of your health care team and caregivers.
  • Write down important information about finances. Tell your caregiver where you will keep this information. Check with your bank or financial institution on what you need to do to allow your caregiver to handle certain transactions for you.
  • Organize how your bills will be paid while you are away.
  • Plan who will do your household chores and other duties in your absence.
  • If you have children, set up schedules and make plans for how they will be cared for while you are away. Tell your children and others involved about the plans you make.
  • Provide a medical release granting your caregiver permission to authorize medical care for your children in your absence.
  • People close to you will want to know how they can help. Think about giving them their own tasks to do for you and your family.
  • Plan what to bring with you to the transplant center. See Getting Ready for Your Transplant — a Checklist.

Be The Match® patient services coordinators  can answer your questions and provide support and education to help you navigate your transplant journey.