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If you need a bone marrow or cord blood transplant, there are many resources available to help you throughout the transplant process. Be The Match® patient services coordinators can answer your questions and provide support and education to help you navigate your transplant journey. Contact us at 1 (888) 999-6743 or

Find more information about getting a transplant:


Choosing a transplant center

You and your doctor will work together to decide which transplant center is best for your situation. Learn about factors to consider when making this decision, such as insurance coverage, location and experience treating patients with your disease. Find information on transplant centers in the United States and internationally.


Planning for transplant costs

There is a lot to consider when planning for the cost of a bone marrow or cord blood transplant. Get tips on how to work with your insurance company to determine what will be covered for your treatment and find resources to help with costs that aren’t covered.


Preparing yourself and your family

Getting a transplant can have an effect on your whole family. Learn about the steps you can take to prepare yourself and your family for the transplant journey ahead.


Treatment before transplant

Before your transplant, you may be admitted to the hospital, get a central line and receive treatment to prepare your body for transplant. Find out more about these steps and why they are important parts of the transplant process.


Transplant day

The day you receive your cells is an important milestone in the treatment of your disease. Learn more about what to expect the day of your transplant.


Engraftment: Days 0-30

After your transplant, your doctor will watch for signs of engraftment, which is when the cells begin to grow and create new blood cells for your body. During this time, you will be at a very high risk of infection. Read more about engraftment and possible side effects after a bone marrow transplant.


Early recovery: Days 30-100

Recovering from a bone marrow transplant takes time, and complications are common. However, your transplant team will be there every step of the way. Learn more about the recovery process and what to expect the first few months after your transplant.