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The examples below show how you would find HLA information from your lab report (based on samples) and enter it in MatchView®. Each lab has its own reporting format, so your report may look different from the examples. The examples may still help show what to look for in your own report. Please enter your HLA type for A, B, C (optional), and DRB1 as it is listed on your lab report.

HLA information can be a challenge to understand. Be The Match® Patient Services has a team dedicated to supporting patients, caregivers, family members and friends. Our patient services coordinators are available Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. U.S. Central time. 

In the United States, call: 1 (888) 999-6743. This call is toll-free. 

Outside the United States, call: 001 (612) 362-3410. This call may have long-distance or international charges. 

You can also send an e-mail message to:

MatchView sample report 1_12-11

MatchView sample report 2_12-11

MatchView sample report-3_12-11

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