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If someone you love is having a bone marrow or cord blood transplant (also called a BMT), you can be there to help. Most transplant centers require transplant patients to have a caregiver to help them through the process. A caregiver advocates for the patient, helps manage finances and other household tasks and provides emotional support. When you become a caregiver, you play an important role in your loved one's treatment and recovery.


Role of the transplant caregiver

Learn what responsibilities you may have as a caregiver throughout the transplant process. 


Taking care of yourself

Taking care of your own health and well-being is an important part of being a caregiver. Find resources that can help you balance caring for your loved one and for yourself.


Fundraising for a family member or friend

Even if your loved one is insured, some transplant costs may not be paid for by insurance. Explore ways you can help with costs not covered by insurance through fundraising.


Resources for caregivers

Find additional resources that can help you navigate your loved one’s transplant journey.