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The New York Times - Motherlode Blog / By Cara Paiuk

December 10 2013

Contributing writer Cara Paiuk discussed the decision to publicly donate umbilical cord blood versus privately banking cord blood in a family cord blood bank after giving birth. Paiuk argues privately banked cord blood units typically cannot be used later to help the child from which it came and, combined with the high cost of family cord blood banking, advocates for families to donate to a public cord blood bank instead. Paiuk also provides certain circumstances in which family cord blood banking would make sense, such as having a sibling in the family already diagnosed with a disease treatable by a cord blood transplant. The article emphasizes the need for publicly donated cord blood units and refers people to and the Be The Match Blog for more information. Industry experts Frances Verter of the Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood and Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg of Duke are both cited in the article.