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Getting Ready for Your Child’s Marrow or Cord Blood Transplant This webcast helps parents prepare for their child’s transplant.

Booklets and Brochures

Your Guide to The Transplant Process (PDF) This booklet will help you understand what to expect during the transplant process and how to prepare for returning home. 

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Time For You: Your guide to stress management and exercise during transplant (PDF) This booklet will help you cope with transplant by lowering stress and exercising. There are tips and tools you can use and stories from other transplant patients. 

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Mapping the Maze: Financial planning before transplant (PDF) This fact sheet will help you learn about planning for transplant costs and includes useful financial planning worksheets.

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Mapping the Maze: Transplant and health insurance (PDF) This fact sheet will help you learn more about the types of health insurance, and questions you should ask your insurance company as you prepare for transplant.

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Mapping the Maze: Transplant and Affordable Care Act (PDF) This fact sheet will help you learn more about how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) affects transplant patients’ coverage, internal and external reviews, and clinical trial coverage.

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Mapping the Maze: Raising money to pay for transplant (PDF) This fact sheet includes useful information on getting help with fundraising, protecting your other benefits, understanding tax laws and basic fundraising guidelines.

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Super Sam versus the Marrow Monsters This animated DVD helps children and their families learn about transplant. It features Sam, a young boy making an epic movie about this own transplant experience, and the stories of other young transplant patients. (Also in Spanish.)

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Insights: Experiencing Transplant as a Young Adult. This DVD helps teens and young adults learn about transplant through the stories and advice of other young adult transplant recipients. 

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Decisions. Support. Possibilities. For adults age 50 and older, this video and booklet will help you learn about medical, financial and emotional aspects of transplant from four transplant recipients. 

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ExploreBMT is an easy-to-search online tool that provides direct access to information and resources from several patient focused organizations.

Insights e-community. Watch videos, participate in discussion groups and connect with other teens and young adults who are experiencing life before, during and after a transplant. 

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